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Sharing Your Story...

By sharing your story, you are providing Living The Practice and its affiliates permission and the right to include your/your child’s information, unless indicated otherwise, in all formats, languages, and platforms determined by Living The Practice for its promotional purposes and for promotional purposes related to their products, programs, services and affiliates.

                  By submitting your story, you warrant you have no claim on ground of breach of confidence or on any ground in any legal system against Living The Practice in respect to the publication of statements, images of, or quotations from you and that you and/or your family will not seek renumeration now or in the future.

                  If the subject is under the age of 16, consent is required by a parent or guardian and the relationship to the subject indicated.

provides hope to a person in need of the transformation you’ve already experienced.

On behalf of all those whose lives will be changed, thank you for your time taken.

Share Your Story
Had you visited different physicians prior for the same issue without resolve?
If yes, how many?
Would you consider sharing your story in person at a Living The Practice gathering?

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