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Thank you for Sharing The Gift

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"The power of true intention is far more valuable than the money attached.

Money does not bring change in and of itself. 

The order of life and practicing that order as we love one another is what changes life for the better.

Money is a tool in the hand of that gardener. One of the ways to support and accelerate growth.

But, by no means, is it as important as the sun, water, soil and seed."


When you are ready to give your heart and open your mind and walk with us,

then your monetary donation will be a valuable tool to bring positive change and we welcome it.

Please mail checks to

The Practice Heals

11860 Clifton Blvd

Lakewood, Ohio 44107

If you have any donation questions please email us at

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Dr. Keith Jordan, Founder and Creator

Click on the book image below to purchase The Practice.

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"In the moment the deepest darkness receives the brightest light,

the full transformation of creation has occurred."

Dr. Keith Jordan

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